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Different Types Of Wigs: Pros And Cons [Part 1 Of 2]

Winnie Harlow in one of our wigs styled by her well renowned hairstylist.

The hair industry is filled with a diverse amount wig options to accommodate most wig wearers. Would you like to know how you can diversify your collection, look, and find out which products work best for you and your lifestyle needs? With suggestions by Nove Mane Exchange you’ll be able to distinguish between the variety and find what best suits you!

If you have considered wearing a protective style for any season that is particularly rough on your hair, you should probably consider wigs in your protective style options.

Reasons to Consider Buying Wigs

We consider most circumstances when wearing wigs, although they can be worn as a fashion forward protective style. The versatility offers easy interchangeable looks for its wearers. Wigs should be ago to when you want color change, length change, or style changes. It is ours when trying to provide the best service for wigs and extensions.

What Types Of Wigs Can You Choose From?

When it comes to choosing wigs, there are a few options to choose from we like to label them in categories. Full Head Wigs, Half Wigs, and Partial wigs. You can almost always find what you want and need with a little bit of research.

The two type of wigs we will be writing about today are full head wigs, which have two categories. Full lace wig, and wefted wig. We will help you differentiate the two and navigate through the pros and cons of buying, wearing, and owning both.

What is a Full Lace Wig?

A full lace wig, is a wig constructed on a mesh cap that is fairly breathable. The hair is applied by hand knotting the wig or using a machine to knot each individual strand through each hole of the mesh.

Pros of a Hand Knotted Wig?

· The pros of a hand knotted wig are the natural fall and wig partings that you can achieve when wearing and styling it.

· The pros with our hand knotted wigs, are that they are made with one hundred percent human hair collected from single donors, which makes for long lasting units. Apart from having a natural look when wearing your unit, our customers can get long uses (up to 2 years depending care) out of their units.

Cons of a Full Lace Wig?

· The cons of a full lace wig, can be the look someone is trying to achieve, and the cost effectiveness of that look.

· Full lace hand knotted wigs can cost upwards of $1,000.00 and rage to well over $10,000.00 depending on the quality of lace, the quality of hair, the scarcity of a certain type of hair and the designer.

· If there is a specific budget, a full lace human hair wig may not be so compromising with your budget and you may have to dive into different wig options or tap into different income streams.

What is a Wefted Wig?

A wefted wig is one is a cap in which you can sew a lace closure, and the remainder of the cap is covered with weft extensions sewn in a line one after another in order to preserve a flatter more natural volume of hair.

Pros of a wefted wig?

Some pros of a wefted wig are the cost efficiency of the wigs, and the ability to interchange lace closures should there be an issue with the lace closure used on the wig.

Our lace closures are made with the same lace and mesh as our full hand knotted wig, which means you would not have to replace with wig closure on your wefted wig. Instead, you can focus on purchasing more wigs that will last and be added to your collection.

Cons of a Wefted Wig?

The cons of a wefted wig are indefinitely bulkier and less flattering to the scalp. The cost effectiveness may not always match with the standards of the client, and having to switch out certain elements of a wig can prove to be more of a hassle than a good omen.

There are a few more categories of wig types that will be featured on our future blog! If you haven’t found what you need from Full lace wigs and Wefted wigs, stay tuned for our blog to come!

If you have any additional questions about different wig types, pros and cons, drop us a line on our contact page.

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